Recently we updated our FreePBX and since then just one person couldn't phone me, else everything is working ok.

After some investigation for what is going on, i found error 488 which usually is with incompatible codecs. But looking at that everything looks fine so that couldn't be the cause.

Because (nearly) no laptop has a connector for an external WiFi antenna and i couldn't find a 5GHz USB adapter with external antenna connector, i was curious if its possible to power an Ubiquiti Bullet M on the go. After thinking about what battery to use as power source so it fits the PoE specifications, the idea came up to use the laptop-battery, but what in turn would be too much tinkering too. So what connectors are available on a laptop which give at least the power required according to the specs? 

Actually our house is beeing renovated and two weeks ago they started with removing the old roof so all antennas had to be removed. Next to my WiFi antennas for FunkFeuer there were still some Satellite-dishes from tenants who moved on some years ago so i took them too. I don't really watch television so i dont own a receiver but i bought a RaspberryPi some time ago and remembered its powerful GPU, ideal for HDTV applications so i just needed a DVB-S2 USB adapter to get started. After some research for DVB-S2 Devices i found Pinnacle's PCTV 460e which is supported on Linux since kernel version 3.2 so i had to give it a try.

Recently i saw a new Mikrotik device which i find amazing because its a complete 5GHz WiFi CPE like e.g. Ubiquiti's NanoStation M5 just more powerful and with a dual polarization 16dBi antenna. I was told, altough the SXT 5HPnd is a great device, one shouldn't use it productively because of its plastic case and front to back noise ratio thus unnecessary polluting the air. But "thats the same for Ubiquiti devices" i thought and looked for solutions on the web. RF Armor provides "Carrier Class RF Shielding Products" for Ubiquiti devices but seems none for a Mikrotik SXT. Because of its shape and dimensions it can't be hard to find a fitting "metal-case" that would completely reflect everything just to the front...