Having an own VoIP solution with FreePBX wasn't that much exciting for me, rather connecting it to a cellular network is much more interesting! Looking over and over the web you mostly find expensive solutions or solutions where much knowhow is needed to configure it properly. Also there are some cheaper (~100eur) products where there is too less description to be sure of it, sure its cheap in comparison but would you go ahead and buy another one if that one doesn't fit your needs? And then its a question about who you could talk to, to share experience and solve problems if there is no large number of users. In the end i gave up that idea and put it back in the dusty shelf of collected ideas. But that didn't last long this way...

There are neat retro products out there like the ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset or theĀ Victorian Retro Phone Handset. Though these are really nice devices, its somehow still not the same feeling like in the old days using the original products from the past. My parents still have this "Hrabia" phone, not in use anymore but fully functional. Yes, one of the first phones used at home with a dial plate! "What do you want to do with it?" my mother asked, "Actually... use it!" i answered and thought, what if i could get it to work over voip, jumping to the past every time a phone call is made? :)

Recently we updated our FreePBX and since then just one person couldn't phone me, else everything is working ok.

After some investigation for what is going on, i found error 488 which usually is with incompatible codecs. But looking at that everything looks fine so that couldn't be the cause.